Tribute II

Hard to believe it’s been nearly a year

Pentax Spotmatic, Takumar 135mm lens, Pacific Images PrimeFilm 3650u scanner, GIMP 2.10

As a second tribute a year later, I broke out not my father’s Nikon camera on the same rose bush, but the Pentax Spotmatic purchased by him in the 1960’s while serving in the Marine Corps. In this case I have a Super Takumar 135mm lens and macro extension tubes attached, which were given to him by my grandfather in the early 1990’s. My C-41 chemistry is over a year old. I used Fuji Superia 400 film with the camera’s ASA/ISO accidentally set at 200. With all of that considered, I should have ended up with an orange-colored mess on the film reel. Amazingly, the photos look quite nice. All of our fathers, living and dead, happy Father’s Day. Shoot photos, not each other.

By Chris Moore

A photographer of both film and digital, IT professional, Star Trek fan and heavy metal junkie.

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