Ode to Doris, Part VIII

In the spring of 2009, shortly after my wife and I were married and we purchased our house, her mother wanted to do something as a house warming gift. She ended up cutting off part of their rose bushes at their house and planting it on the side of our house. It took root and grew, but never started blooming until after her passing in June of 2012. Since then, I’ve always posted some floral shot from that bush to remember her. Hence, the “part VIII” in the title, being 8 years ago today since her passing. In the short time I knew her, I truly I believe I was blessed. I think it’s a photo she would have liked. In these troubled times that we live in now I think she’d also agree that we all need to shoot photos, not each other.

Nikon D7000, “The Beast,” GIMP 2.10

By Chris Moore

A photographer of both film and digital, IT professional, Star Trek fan and heavy metal junkie.

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