Daily Photo – “Tetraloniella Alticincta II”

Not to be outdone by color…

Shoot photos, not each other!

Tetraloniella Alticincta - IMG_3547.jpg


Daily Photo – “Waterloo Sunset”

This was shot on this date in 2012 at 8:47pm.  It seems fitting that a photo shot on Thursday, the 12th of July be published 6 years later on Thursday, the 12th of July.  Until I was looking through my hard drive for other things, I forgot I ever shot this photo.

Why the title?

It could be a reference to the 1967 song by British rock band The Kinks and covered by the likes of David Bowie and Def Leppard, the 1815 battle of Waterloo which also happened in July, the French playing in the 2018 World Cup Finals (though this actually doesn’t work since they played Belgium on Tuesday and won), or an obscure reference to the unfolding of life events at the time that will never be explained to anybody.  In any case, I only have one piece of advice to offer the audiences of WordPress, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter – shoot photos, not each other!

And for those seeking the technical bits – this was shot on a Canon Digital Rebel XT with the included kit EF-S 18-55mm lens at ISO 1600 with a speed of 1/250, f/11. Edited in GIMP 2.10.

Waterloo Sunset - IMG_0886.jpg


Daily Photo – “Unlucky Flashing”

As an amateur “fine art” photographer I have always had a confusing and tumultuous relationship with the flash.  Getting a good photo with a flash is next to impossible.  Unless, of course, a brightly lit person with a black background is what you’re aiming for.  But using a flash in sunlight? That’s a whole different effect.  Not a bad way to mend a terrible relationship with a photo effect that is not really understood. Shoot photos, not each other!

Developed using darktable 2.4.1

Daily Photo – “Bloodflowers”

No, not the album by The Cure.  Actually hemerocallis lilioasphodelus, known more commonly as the daylily. It just kind of looked blood red to me.  Shot on my Canon SL1 with the “Tamron in disguise” macro lens, ISO 5000, f/10 and 1/400.  I normally don’t really consider doing a black and white shot of a flower, but this picture seems to take on a character of its own in black and white. Shoot photos, not each other!