The Coming Storm

A pretty mean looking storm coming in as the sun goes down. Reminds me of a Bob Ross canvas. Except I edited out the happy little trees – and I don’t apologize. Shoot photos, not each other!

Nikon D7000, Nikkor 18-55mm lens, darktable, GIMP 2.10

Blue Origin

With all the celebrities and wealthy people launching themselves into space (if I had that kind of money I would) this photo just reminds me of the little blue ball in the universe from which we all share a common origin. Shoot photos, not each other!

Nikon D7000, Nikkor 55-200mm lens, Darktable, GIMP 2.10

Under Construction

On this neighborhood walk earlier this year, I caught this (now finished) bank under construction. Actually a bank with several other business tenants, it came out quite nice. If that’s not enough, it’s next door to a Starbuck’s too. Shoot photos, not each other!

Canon SL1, 300mm Promaster (rebranded Tamron) Lens, Darktable, GIMP 2.10


Cross processing – Fuji Provia 100 in C-41 chemistry!! The color actually does come out off, but the thing is this gets “fixed” when processed on the computer. Shoot photos, not each other!

Pentax MV, SMC Takumar 50mm Lens

American Asia

Tasked with picking up dinner tonight, I was struck by this sign in Chinese. Just the color and the glow at night struck me and I had to have a picture on my phone. Shoot photos, not each other!

iPhone 12, ProCam app, GIMP 2.10
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Getting Laid

We all know the story of the Cicada. After they are born, they burrow underground where they live for approximately 17 years. They emerge as adults, and what’s the first thing they want to do? Mate. The males make that characteristically loud, summer defining hum to attract the female. After 2 decades underground, the little guys just want to get laid. Shoot photos, not each other!

Developed using darktable 3.0.1

When it Rains…

I barely had 5 minutes to take this in between rains. With heavy thunder and lightning, being outside with a long metal lens is probably not the smartest idea. Shoot photos, not each other!

Nikon D7000, “the beast,” darktable, GIMP

The Wienermobile

To be honest, I never thought I’d ever see such a thing in my lifetime. I wasn’t planning to find it. I went to our local grocery store looking for sodas to stock the refrigerator in my home office. I get out of my car, put on my mask, and what do I suddenly see sitting out there? The weinermobile. Yes, the official Oscar Mayer Wienermobile, the one and only novelty truck shaped like a giant hot dog, traveling all over the USA.

All of these were shot on an iPhone 12 using the ProCam app to do RAW format images, imported in darktable, and processed in GIMP 2.10.

Shoot photos, not each other!

Developed using darktable 3.0.1

As you would expect, it literally does look like a gigantic hot dog. But have you ever wondered what it’s like to ride inside of a gigantic hot dog? I managed to get an interior shot.

Developed using darktable 3.0.1

And lastly – have you ever wondered what it’s like to be behind a giant wiener?